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The final version of the efficiency, outreach and pricing tool for the People’s Credit Banks in Indonesia(BPR) is called SIAP-Simualsi BPR according to its process flow:

  • Set up model
  • Input data
  • Analyse current state of BPR
  • Project its future state

which can be translated as “(get) ready simulating the BPR”.

The quantitative tool was build to support BPR management in analysing the current and planning all future operational activities as well as measuring the associated risks, costs and resulting income. This is achieved by modelling first the respective key

influencing parameters for the current state of the bank. Indicators derived in dependence of these parameters then allow measuring how much the BPR has achieved yet regarding its corporate mission to be a profitable and efficient Community Bank. Comparing the current indicator levels against benchmarks the tool highlights which steps could be taken in order to improve the situation. Projecting appropriate changes in the parameters determining the current state of the bank, management can predict what it might become.

Increasing in this way the bank’s efficiency and outreach will assist these micro finance banks to prepare for standing the hardening of the competition.

An overview on the tool’s functionalities as well as some of its parameters and templates are described in an article of the Indonesian magazine Media BPR No. 28. For a replication of this publication in the English language, click here.

A master training for trainers across Indonesia had been arranged. Now they are offering training on the concepts and application of SIAP for BPR that wish to apply the tool:




The courses are offered to about 12 banks at a time who send two representatives each. First they meet for three days to learn about the concepts and application of SIAP using fictive data. After a break of four weeks which is used to prepare the input data of their respective banks, they come together again to repeat the material by applying SIAP to their own data being assistet by the trainer and teaching assistants.